Monday, September 13, 2010

Third version and two pieces

xi. c.

I burnt down a small forest
I walked in a blizzard of pain
I wish you were here to tell me stuff

I'm putting it off
I'm coming around

There's somebody I need
to tell

You - aren't there
Aren't here

There's something that
I need to tell
aren't here
aren't there



Midnight loon
just you and me

So, finally, we've reached the end of the burnt forest versions and we can move forward in the bird cycle - tomorrow. But for tonight, because it's late and because I'm in the mood, I'm just going to enter a couple of new pieces.

Too late and tired for more narrative tonight. There's little narrative these days anyway. Just a lot of chemo and side effect management. Well, and squirreling...


the law unto

and the same
choice would
seem to be

willy nilly

time, memory and history

the little things
that make life
worth living

amazing, amazing


a week ago
from tomorrow

suppose there were
a way to find

nearly all
have faces

will arise

Good night to you. Sweet sleep.

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