Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sunday night


because they're light and dark

        and inconsequential

and it's the right version

          but not today

dan at the end of the world

and alison too

she's just baggy

and the way she feels

what a lot of rebar

it's nice at the

            end of the world

pink keds

white dog

            small face

look back at the pale day moon

what a lot of rebar

land of concrete chunks

land of the end of the world


one woman scurrying

            into the scree

scramble over scrabble

what black thing flew

across the path

I like it here

at the end of the world

Just enjoy this for tonight, if you can. It was written many months ago. The end of the world here is, of course, the wonderful Albany Bulb.

Tonight I am tired and discouraged and I'm thinking about people who aren't here.

1 comment:

  1. i think of the bulb as some homeless peoples' house and am always walking stealthily through the paths, as if I'm at a museum or Picasso's last residence. thanks for reminding me about it, I sometimes windsurf right up to it from pt. isabel and do hero gybes...